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News: Facility Use Policy

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  1. It is the Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee's (GDRSC) intent that maximum use of school property be enjoyed by the people of Groton and Dunstable. Such use shall maintain safe conditions and preserve the property for school program use.

  2. School buildings and other facilities in the Groton Dunstable Regional School District (GDRSD) may be used by organizations or individuals when an educational, recreational, civic, or charitable purpose is served. In all cases however school functions shall have priority use of the building.    

  3. All requests to use GDRSD buildings or facilities must be made in writing to the Administration and are subject to review by the GDRSC. All requests must include the name and contact information of a responsible individual and an acknowledgment of this policy. Any person or organization requesting use of GDRSD buildings or facilities must provide proof of insurance if requested. Any request to use GDRSD buildings or facilities will be considered public information.

  4. It is the GDRSC's intent that recognized non-profit Groton-Dunstable school organizations shall not be charged for the use of school buildings and facilities.

  5. It is the GDRSC's intent that other non-profit groups be charged only a nominal fee for the use of school buildings and facilities in order to provide for the upkeep of school property. It is not our intent that for-profit activities be subsidized by public funds and such activities shall incur additional charges for the use of school facilities.

  6. All groups shall be charged for additional staff time or special facility use (e.g. kitchen areas).

  7. Generally the school buildings are not available for use on holidays, school vacations (including summer) and snow days. However, special arrangements to include possible additional costs can be made with the Director for their day or evening use by the public at these times.

  8. The district's athletic director shall be responsible for scheduling the community use of the GDRSD´s athletic fields. Application for the use of athletic fields shall be made through the athletic director.

  9. All Users of school buildings and facilities shall agree to save and hold harmless the GDRSD and agree to assume responsibility for all liabilities arising incident to the use, it being understood and agreed that the GDRSD assumes no obligations respecting the use of such premises. All users shall assume full responsibility for personal injuries and harm to any person or persons in attendance or for any damage to the buildings and grounds. Groups required to demonstrate proof of liability insurance shall submit a copy of such an insurance policy to the GDRSD's business manager prior to the use of the school building or facility.

  10. The GDRSC reserves the right to review and adjust this policy as needed. The GDRSC reserves the right to waive fees. The Superintendent also reserves the right to deny use of the school buildings and facilities to groups or individuals who have demonstrated on previous occasion an inability or unwillingness to follow rules and regulations regarding the use of school buildings and facilities.

  11. The Superintendent shall be responsible for the development of the rules, regulations, and fee schedules necessary for the proper implementation of this policy subject to GDRSC approval.

  12. This policy, and the rules, regulations, and fee schedules made pursuant to it, shall be subject to periodic review by the GDRSC.